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Creative Simplicity — Louis Bosny, architect. 1924 – 1983

  • Auteur Jean michel degraeve
  • Parution 2024
  • Langue Anglais
  • Pages 288
  • ISBN 978-2-930525-27-3
  • Prix


Louis Bosny was an architect committed to social construction: social housing, hospitals and basic schools. Architect Jean Michel Degraeve has immersed himself in his life and gained access to archives that have enabled him to trace the history of an era, the singularity of a discreet man and his conceptual thinking translated into sober yet creative architecture. The book is accompanied by two young photographers, Naef Hazimeh and Robin Nissen, who produce direct, sensitive black-and-white work on all these subjects. Architect Georges-Eric Lantair has written the afterword.



Published February 2024, in the Fonds de tiroirs collection.
The present edition is a Fourre-Tout production, with support from the Cellule architecture de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures (WBA).

Directeur de publication: Pierre Hebbelinck

Photographs: Hazimeh Nayef & Robin Nissen

Foreword: Pierre Hebbelinck

Postface: George-Eric Lantair

Back cover text: Marc Dubois

Editorial follow-up: Pierre Geurts

Graphics and layout: Antoine Lantair

Copyright consultant: Jean-François Henrotte

Technical sheet:
288 pages pages Hard Cover, 165 * 330 mm
Circulation: 700 copies in French, 250 copies in English
Printer: FINIDR, Czech Republic

KBR : D/2024/10.235/2
ISBN : 978-2-930525-27-3



[…] Everything about Louis Bosny is speed and action. Socialist conviction, voluntary enlistment in 1941 and demobilization in August 1945, a fast-track diploma in 1948 and installation as an independent architect, marriage in 1950, four children from 1951 to 1957. And continuous production, essentially solo. […]

[…] I truly believe that the Bosny house (1957-fin 1958) sheds light on both the individual and his architectural practice, his modus operandi. This is true of all architects, of course, but here there is a real osmosis between personal lifestyle and collective vision. The family home is the place where Louis Bosny indulges in playful experimentation, the laboratory that validates and drives his choices. […]